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Real Estate Consultation

Whether you’re looking for an ideal place to spend the holidays or searching for the best real estate investment opportunity, deciding on a property is never an easy choice. That’s where we come in to guide you by going beyond the sales pitch, leveraging data and providing feasibility studies to find a property tailor-made for your needs.



Project Visits

Take full advantage of our concierge-level services that start right from the airport gate or hotel, and never again worry about having to navigate a new city every time you want to check on the progress of your investment. We organize pre-planned visits to construction sites and showrooms where you can directly meet with the sales team and get up-to-date information regarding the status of the project.


Legal support

We offer a wide range of legal support services through our team of seasoned Turkish lawyers equipped with long-term experience in handling all aspects of real estate transactions. Our team will provide you with legal advice and consultation services ensuring that you proceed on the solid legal ground every step of the way.



After Sales Service

Our services don’t simply end once the ink on the contracts has dried. We will accompany you step by step until the property is ready for you to move in and call “home”. We will handle all the necessary steps to prepare your newly-purchased property for living or rental, including setting up water, electricity and all other amenities.


Resale Services

Already have an existing property you want to sell for maximum profit or finally ready to cash in on an apartment you initially bought  to sell through Suite Real Estate Turkey? Our team is well-positioned to sort out through all available opportunities to hook you up with potential buyers that will guarantee a sizeable return on investment for your property.


Property Management

Enjoy our premium end-to-end client service that includes year-round  maintenance and upkeep of your property, ensuring that it remains well-looked after and primed to sell for top-dollar by scheduling regular checks-ups, payment of bills, taxes or any related issues.



Rental Management

We help you find the right tenant to make sure that your property earns you the maximum return on investment in the short, medium and long term. Our team will organize viewings of the property and follow-up with prospective tenants, all while putting your interests first by acting as the landlord to your property.




Once we made sure you have found your dream house, we offer to help turn your new property into the place you envision,whether you’re looking to furnish a cozy holiday hideout or simply want to wow your prospective tenants. Just specify your budget and aesthetic and we will be there tailoring the interior of your property to meet your expectations.



Establishing Companies

We provide assistance and council to help guide you through the procedures of establishing your company in Turkey, irrespective of nationality or place of residence, putting our expertise and experience in the country’s regulatory environment at your disposal and placing you in direct contact with our wide network of partners in this field.We also offer help to Syrian nationality holders in setting up a company with the direct aim of purchasing properties in Turkey.



Citizenship by Investment

Armed with an intimate knowledge of Turkish law and a team of experienced legal counselors, you can count on us to help walk you through the process of applying for Turkish citizenship or residence permits for the whole family after you have purchased your property. We’re well-positioned through our wide network of contacts to provide guidance and consultation with regards to all the necessary paperwork needed for your application.